Custom Flexible Packagingfor Coffee

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Coffee products are the staple of many households, so it’s important that your coffee bean packaging bags are functional and capable of maintaining freshness. Help your bags stand out on shelf with a premium sensory experience of vibrant colors and textured films that serve as a sneak peak of the high quality coffee inside.

Upgrade Your Coffee Brand’s Look

Custom, printed pouches, showcasing your brand in vibrant colors and high-definition graphics are a sure way to differentiate your products from the competition. No matter where your products are sold — in local coffee shops, retail stores or online — there are many advantages to creating pre-printed pouches versus generic bags with hand-applied labels.

Coffee bags feature

When you design a coffee bag, don't forget to consider the following humanized designs:

1. Zipper: Add resealable zipper, and after opening the bag, the packaging bag can still be sealed repeatedly, thereby prolonging the freshness and storage time of the coffee.

2. Valve: The freshly roasted coffee will continuously release carbon dioxide, so when packaging the coffee, pay attention to adding an exhaust valve, which can help to discharge the released carbon dioxide, thereby maintaining the fragrance of the coffee.

3. Tear nortch: tear notch can help users tear open the packaging bag easily.

4. Hang hole: If you need to hang your product on the shelf, hang hole is essential

Coffee bags are made of multiple layers of plastic, or aluminum foil film.

The outermost layer requires mechanical strength, abrasion and puncture resistance, stretch resistance, and good printing performance, while the innermost layer must be food-grade and suitable for direct contact with food.
The use of aluminum foil film as a layer helps to prevent light and maintain the freshness of coffee by reducing temperature, preventing oxidation caused by light, and isolating oxygen, moisture, and bacteria

Coffee bags popular configuration

We recommend different coffee packaging bags configuration according to the packaging capacity. For example, if you want to pack coffee less than 100g , or just use it as a sample packing, then we recommend the film in roll.

For medium volumes of 100, 250g or 500g, we recommend the use of stand-up pouches, one of the most popular packaging bags, with a gusset bottom can help the entire packaging bag stand stably on the shelf for display.

For more than 500g coffee, we recommend using side gusset bags or flat bottom bags. These two kinds of packaging bags are more suitable for large-volume packaging. They can stand on the shelf more stably and the packaging is more beautiful.

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Your brand will be impossible to miss with eye-popping artwork and top-quality coffee packaging that not only looks great but keeps your coffee fresh and flavorful. Whether it’s ground coffee, whole bean, roasted or green coffee, our custom coffee bag packaging will highlight your product on any shelf.