Fertilizer Packaging

Flexible bag-in-box and pouch packaging provide eco-conscious solutions that protect your fertilizers while making them safer and easier to dispense. 

Whether in farm or garden settings, our products reduce hazards and product waste while increasing shipping and storage efficiencies.


Fertilizer bags are ordered in many types and different grades of materials. In order to get high-quality fertilizer bags wholesale, the factors which may need to be considered will include environmental concerns, type of fertilizer, customer preferences, cost, and others. In other word, people may not aware that the quality of a package material is never be an absolute issue, it should be evaluated by balancing the budget and applications.

DONSER MornPackaging is able to create specific customized Bopp laminated pp woven bags for fertilizer packing. What you only need to do is to tell us what aer your requirments, which may include the holding capacity or fertilizer bag sizes, moisture proof grades, stitching types, we can produce large fertilizer bags and other bags you required, and there will be designing team from us to disscuss with you for printing design confirmation. 

To save costs

If your fertilizer bags are for single use only, you can consider with minimal thickness of fabric and strength. Recycled materials or a certain percentage of recycled pp materials mixed are even available to consider. And if you don’t care much about graphic performance, you can choose pp woven bags with flexo printed for your fertilizer packaging.

What durability you need your fertilizer bags to be?

Do you plan to use packaging material for single time use only, or like it to be recyclable and for multi-time using? Virgin polypropylene material would offers the best durability features to prevent the sacks from tearing. Or use heavier pp woven fabric would also provide the bags better tensile strength for multi-time using.